Writers Conferences

dripping bloodMy multi-media presentation “101 Mistakes Mystery Writers Make” is available for your writers conference. Whether your group is geared toward mystery or romance, accuracy and factual police, crime scene and forensic science details are a must. The presentation is a minimum of 2 hours long, but can be structured for much longer, and is packed with over 800 images of every type of crime, from actual crime scenes I have been a part of. Unlike some forensic writing consultants, I do not buy or copy crime scene images. I can personally speak about each scene because I have been behind the crime scene tape, and have taken the photographs you’ll see in the presentation. I have not just read about forensics . . . or studied it intensely . . . I have done the real job, at all hours of the day and night, on holidays, in freezing snow . . . you get the picture.  Since you can’t be side by side with me at these crime scenes, the next best thing is attending this presentation. It is like going under the yellow crime scene tape.  


The only difference? You don’t have to run out and get me a light and sweet Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and a sugar jelly donut. From bullet wounds to decomposed bodies and everything in between, you will get the insiders view of forensics. Close up and personal. You’ll experience “The Real Deal,” not television’s fictional glamorized version. Plus, it is packed with several “whodunits” for your group to solve at the end. It is a lively, interactive presentation – not a snoozefest, and I leave plenty of time for your members questions both during and after the presentation. You will come away armed with unique facts and knowledge that will give you the competive edge to get your book noticed. A little tip: you may want to eat only a very light meal before the presentation . . . otherwise . . . you may see it again! I have presented this at many writers conferences of all genres, because whether it is love, hate, lust or anything in between, a few mysterious red herrings never hurt a good book. So, whether you are an experienced published author, or aspiring to be one, this presentation will make your work stand out from the crowd –  especially with a killer ending! dripping blood For a personal response and fee schedule, just send me an e-mail through my contact page here, and tell me about the conference you are arranging.