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to KILLER ENDINGS . . . where both aspiring and published writers will learn the REAL facts about crime scene investigation, forensic science and police investigations. This is where murder, arson, poison, suicide, drownings, gunshots, knife wounds, decomposed bodies, murder for hire, fingerprints, serial killers, hangings, kidnapping, assaults, criminal profiling, mass murders, auto-erotic deaths, robbery, crime scene sketching, drug overdoses, and autopsy are all alive and well . . . even if some characters in your manuscript won’t be for long.

Whether your writing genre is mystery, romance, historical or anything in between, the need for factual and accurate information about forensic science and police investigations is crucial if you are introducing that aspect into your work. In this age of glamourized “facts” and scripted “reality” police episodes presented on television crime shows, a writer must not fall prey to getting their information from these sources. Here, right here, is where you will learn the real deal.

As a police officer and detective for over 32 years, I can tell you police are not trusting souls, and I admit is not easy to obtain factual information about murder and mayhem for your characters. If you try calling your local police department and ask “I’m a writer and thinking about having a wife poison her husband and I need some advice on how she would do that”, chances are you’ll either hear a “click”, or see a police car arrive at your home within minutes to “interview” you. Worse yet, you may encounter a well-intentioned officer with little training or experience in forensic science and crime scene investigation, and be accidentally misinformed. And lastly, you could watch all those crime shows on television and get the “facts” that way.

This website is dedicated to presenting factual and accurate information through my blog, where I will post information about every topic imaginable that you will need to craft a book with a killer ending. However, since no person knows everything, my blogs will also have guest authors who are experts in their field: medical examiners, crime scene investigators, criminal investigators, defense attorneys, forensic lab scientists, published mystery writers, prosecutors, and many more. I will also review the latest books out there on relevant topics giving you an unbiased opinion of the work.

Plus, I’ll have plenty of links to crime scene supply companies, writers conferences, breaking forensic news, and much more. There will also be the “Whodunit of the Month” where you can use the knowledge that you learn here to solve the crimes.


The best feature of all is the Premium Membership Area, where there will be two Webcasts a month that you can watch at your leisure. These Webcasts will be videos where I present on everything you could possibly need to have murder and mayhem in your works; Ill be presenting along with many graphic images to explain exactly what we are talking about, so you can see, not just read, about the topics. Some of the areas covered will be fingerprints, arson, ballistics, criminal profiling, suicide, auto-erotic deaths, accidental deaths, drownings, shootings, stabbings, poison, blood spatter, footwear impressions, petechia, lividity, rigor mortis, evidence, robbery, hangings, handwriting analysis, polygraph, bombings, kidnappings, and much more.

Being a Premium Member means you’ll also receive access to a newsletter crammed with insider forensic, writing & publishing tips.

And if that isn’t enough, how about also two monthly hour long live group web chats, where I will answer any and all of your writing, forensic, crime scene, police procedural and criminal profiling questions. If you were to attend my college courses you would spend over $2200 dollars per each three month semester on the content . . . content you’ll receive here for a low monthly fee.

So, for less than 84 cents a day, you will have the professional edge you’ll need to write killer endings, beginnings, or anything in between. You can join on a monthly basis, or save money with a yearly up-front discount. If you are serious about writing accurately, and most importantly, about writing so realistic you’ll get published, it is a small investment.

It’s an exciting time to be a writer!

To your success!